Breath ring
The Breath Ring quest is a step in the large Great Power quest chain, though the reward can be used to complete other quests such as the Unknown Depths. This reletively simple quest rewards you with a Breath Ring and 100,000 experience. This quest is repeatable every 14 days, in case you misplace your Breath Ring.


To begin the quest speak with Alane, the jeweler in the Oren Island Jewelry Shop about the Breath Ring. She will tell you of a magical ring which allows and Aisling to breathe while beneath the sea, one so valuable that she couldn't bear to part with it... well, perhaps if you found her a Golden Floppy it would sway her.

First, head to Oren Jungle Pass -- be sure to take the path to the northwest of the palace, as the path northeast is very dangerous for young Aislings. Golden Floppies can be found in any circle of the Jungle from the pass, but they aren't always found in every circle. As Alane said, Golden Floppies are rare. Skirt the edges of the map, as they tend to gravitate towards corners and walls. Patience pays here.

It's important to note that you do not need to attack the Golden Floppy with a stick in order to capture it. Subdue the creature using any means and it will kindly drop a bundled up Captured Golden Floppy where it once stood. Return to Alane with this package and she will eagerly give up her precious ring for the adorable little rodent. With the Breath Ring on your finger you're ready to head to Lynith Beach to continue chasing the source of the Great Power.

Quest Text

Ahh, the Breath Ring. It is one of my most precious items. It is a magical ring that lets the one who wears it breathe under water.

How much?

I cannot sell an item like this.

Will you trade for it then?

Well, there is really nothing... wait, there is something I would be willing to trade a Breath Ring for... a Golden Floppy. I will trade you a Breath Ring for a Golden Floppy.

What in Danaan's name is a Golden Floppy?

A Golden Floppy is a rare floppy found in the Oren Jungle. To capture it, you need to knock it unconcious by hitting it with a stick.

Does my eyes deceive me! Is that a Golden Floppy in your hands!?! I will give you the Breath Ring for it.


Thank you so much.