Brody is the tailor for the city of Mileth. He is a stern and impatient man, though he does allow the use of his tools and equipment for those who need to make repairs or improvements to their garments.

Mileth Tailoring

If you wish to dye your garments using Mileth's signature green tint, Brody is the mundane you'll want to speak with. Most Temuair garments can be dyed in this fashion. [1]

Sells and Buys

Brody carries clothing suited for the young Peasant, Priest, and Warrior.

Sells Buys
  • Shirt -- 50 coins
  • Blouse -- 50 coins
  • Leather Tunic -- 475 coins
  • Leather Bliaut -- 475 coins
  • Cowl -- 400 coins
  • Gorget Gown -- 400 coins