Cail is the god of Nature, Harmony, and Martial Arts. He has bronze skin, bulging muscles, and a dark beard with a bald head. Cail dresses in a modest loin cloth, beaded necklaces, armbands, and anklets. Though he has a stern expression and an imposing figure, Cail is rarely moved to anger. He is the son of the Gods Ceannlaidir and Glioca. Cail is the patron diety of the Monk.


Ceannlaidir, the God of War, had been in open conflict with the Goddess Glioca and sought to manipulate the tides of influence in his favor. His scheme was to sedate Glioca with a sleeping potion and take advantage of her in the glade through which she was known to wander, then return for the child once it was born. The first part of his plan was a success, as he was able to enpregnate Glioca, yet she grew wise to his plan and thus was not subdued a second time when Ceannlaidir returned to claim his son.

Thus the God of War was worried that his place of power, Ceannlaidir closed the armories of Temuair to the child. This did little to thwart Cail's natural strength as he trained his body and mind to be a living weapon. Cail developed a deadly method of unarmed combat that nearly rivals the heavily armed warrior.

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