Callough, blacksmith of Mileth

Callough is the blacksmith in the city of Mileth. Though he seems stern and serious, he has a soft spot for Aislings and is happy to help those that would help themselves.

Arms Lecture

Callough has an encyclopedic knowledge of all sorts of weapons and armor and is more than happy to share his Arms Lecture with any who are curious.

Sword and Soori Smith

Aislings with the required skill and labor may use Callough's forge to try their skill at smithing weapons.


  • Spare a Stick

Sells and Buys

Sells Buys
  • Stick -- 100 coins
  • Dirk -- 500 coins
  • Claidheamh -- 1,300 coins
  • Stick -- 50 coins
  • Dirk -- 250 coins
  • Claidheamh -- 650