Dark Things is an early-insight quest in which you are sent into the Mileth Crypt to retrieve a specific item for Dar, the Dark Wizard in Mileth. The reward for this quest is a small amount of experience points.


Talk to the mundane and select the option for Dark Things. He will give you a long list of things he needs for secret expiriments, but he actually only needs one specific item. By selecting the option "I might have what you need" he will tell you which of the specific items he is looking for. Once you know what item you need, head to the crypt and kill whichever monster has the item you need. Return to Dar when you have it and he will grant you some experience.

Quest Text

I am Dar, Dark Wizard of all Mileth. My work requires some natural artifacts of the underworld. I would like it so much if you could go there and get some things for my studies.

Spider's Eye
Bat's Wing
Spider's Silk
and Scorpion's Sting.

I'm looking for so many things. Bring it by, won't you? I'll offer a good price for your troubles. 

Won't you bring it by?

What do you do with it?

I cannot say. I mean to say I study it. Everything of nature must be studied for the properties they may possess.

Where is stuff like that?

Leave this shop, and take a road straight as you can until you're about to be impaled on an iron fence. Thenceforth, travel south-west past a fountain, which has run longer than several have lived. Go up to that terrible stench of rising earth with dragon's head formations above it. Go in. I'd say find a companion and learn your Craft well, if you want to come out again.

((Mileth Village, x:92 Y:54))

I will.

O good. Thank you.

I may have what you need

Ah, this will do.