Flame Licked is a very quick and easy quest for young Aislings. Saskia, the proprieter of the Piet Inn, needs assistance soothing the burns her mother sustained during a recent fire. You can bring her several things to ease the pain, but ultimately what she needs is Ancusa Ceir. For your trouble she will give you a jar of Raw Honey and some experience points.


If you know Herbal Lore, make yourself some Speckled Wax -- if you don't then ask someone who does if they'd be able to make it for you. Bring the Ancusa Ceir to the Piet Inn and offer it to Saskia. She will put it on her mother's wounds and thank you for the salve.

Quest Text

My mother's awfully hurt by a fire  that broke out.

Offer Brandy

Thank you. It's calmed my nerves, but I'm afraid it hasn't done her any good.

Offer Raw Honey

It's very sweet and so are you, but I'm afraid she looks no better than before.

Offer Speckled Wax

Just a moment. I will apply this to her burns.

Thank you so much. It's taking the heat away from her burn. Won't you have this?

My mother appreciates you helpin' her to heal.