The objective of the Mother's Love quest is to heal an ill child by bringing her a soothing potion. This quest is intended for aislings of a lower insight range, though the rewards are used for other quests and skills, making this a very valuable and easy quest to complete.


Start this quest by choosing 'Mother's Love' from a mundane that offers the quest. Many bakers and a few innkeepers offer this quest, such as Oona in Mileth or Alleen in Piet. The mother will tell you about her sick child and suggest that maybe an herbalist might be able to help craft a potion to ease her suffering. The potion you'll want is called Hydele Deum , which is often reffered to as a 'Brown Potion'. If you have Herbal Lore you can craft one yourself by equipping a Cloth Glove and walking through the Enchanted Garden with wine in your inventory until you find a Hydele plant. Once you have the potion, return to the mundane and offer it to the child. As a token of her thanks the mother will give you a gift, which is either a stack of Bee's Honey or a purple Flower in addition to some experience points.

Quest Text

Mother's Love

My daughter has horrible nightmares and flushed skin throughout the day.

My daughter is very ill. Please find a potion to restore her strength. Perhaps an Aisling herbalist can help you.

I'm not sure how

I'm sorry, I'm not an herbalist. Perhaps and Aisling herbalist could. I have seen an herbalist use special flowers to cure someone. If I knew how I would.

You know of herbal lore. Wonderful. I hope you may find the cure.

I think I have something that may help

Wonderful. Just wait a moment while I have her drink a draght of it.

Thank you. She is feeling much better now.

I have a little something to offer you.