On Honey is a quick and easy quest designed to familiarize young Aislings with the woodlands that lay outside of Mileth. Devlin, the Fae Priestess will ask you to fetch her a type of honey and bring it back to her. The reward for this quest is a small amount of EXP.


When you accept the quest from Devlin she will request that you bring her one of a certain type of honey. She will ask for Raw Wax which drops from the wasps in the Enchanted Garden and the Wasteland , Royal Wax which drops from wasps in 3-1 and 4-1, or Raw Honey which only drops in 4-1. Once you have the requested item, return to Devlin to complete the quest.

Quest Text

For the sake of this example, I will be using Raw Wax as the requested item.

Hi there, Aisling. I'm Devlin, faerie Priest of Mileth. I followed the ways of the fae, and felt I should set up shop here in Mileth to instruct the devoted.

I need some Raw Wax. Do you think you could find it?

I don't know where any bees are

There's a woodland not from from here. You have to leave Mileth Village to get there. To leave Mileth, leave this building, and fall the road out and about to the north east. You'll cross a bridge. Then turn and go south-east. You'll cross a second bridge, and then will see an iron fence and gate to leave Mileth Village. Go to the East Woodlands from there. ((Enchanted Garden))

What is so special about these bees?

Bee's honey is so delicious and rich. I love to have some. I don't go to the garden often enough.

Will you teach me something?

Only priests are devoted enough to receive most of the gifts I know of. I hope you find someone who can help you. I know Keallach, the butcher of a man in the other half of this shop teaches warriors how to fight and slash. I know that Daithi, up north of the Goddess Statue and Inn shares secrets with Rogues. And across the river east of here and then north is the dark wizard, Dar, who will corrupt the minds of Wizards.

I have raw wax

Thank you. I've needed this.