Riona greeting

Riona's Greeting is a conversation that can be had with Riona, the Mileth Innkeeper, immediately upon exiting the tutorial. You will be rewarded with 500 experience for talking to her, and for new players he suggestions about finding an Aisling guide would be wise to heed.


Talk to Riona and select 'Riona's Greeting' from the options. Follow the conversation until it concludes.

Quest Text

O, hello there. I've been fairer before, but I don't believe I've seen you before... Did you sleep in one of my inn rooms last night? I don't remember. But you've a light in your eyes.

I... I don't remember the last time I've left Mileth. Once or twice I've been out of these gates to gather daisies, but I dare not anymore.

I've lost the will and courage, and especially the imagination. Sometimes I'd like to shake this inn off and just wander the isles in wonder of it all. -blush- I'm sorry to babble.

But I'm a mundane like the blacksmith, Torrance, who is just across the statue to the Gods of Temuair, and Daithi, just north of me, Keallach far south of the statue, and even Dar, the Dark Wizard that I see across the brook, is a mundane. You, though, look like you have become more.

I hope you fair well. This mundane hopes you live to see another moon. These dark ages we live in, and I fear more of my beds will remain empty from the lodgers will never return.

Excuse me, what's a mundane?

Mundanes are stricken to the worst suffering, the toil of earth, without a taste of the power of Light. We slave the earth, and never have the power to alter our course.

We are destined to remain here, and all that we can know that is different is done by those who have a glimmer of hope in their eyes. We have no imagination, but you do, fair Aisling.

Thank you for your kind words

You do have a light in your eyes. Should ever you think about it... You might want to... O, I shouldn't wish such things.

I just grow greyer in this mirror. It worries me.

Really, I want to know.

Find a fellow Aisling. One with an imagination like you have. Learn from that Aisling about a Craft you may want. I don't know myself. Don't let Devlin, the Faerie magician, know I said anything about this. There's a road just outside this inn. Follow it down to and over the stream.

Follow it further down to the second bridge. Just beyond is a temple. -shudder- It's older than the laying of the rocks in the riverbed. Monstrous forms loom from the edges.

Deep within lies the circles and loathsome secrets. From it you may meet masters of the Crafts. Before you go, though, find a member of the craft you have chosen. For example, if you are interested in being a Warrior, find an Aisling warrior.