Hello and welcome to Dark Age's Wiki. You might be wondering, why am I creating a Wiki for Dark Ages, by now everyone knows how to play DA and do quest without guide. The general idea for Dark Ages Wiki is to gather as much information as possible in the game and compile them into one huge library. Thus, the idea of creating this wiki was born. Till date, I've to see a complete site that give flexibility in searching for items, quests, and sub-pathing with 'perfect' stats. There are many areas you can contribute. In here, consist of the breakdown of what I expect to see in the wiki.

There will be a large exclusion of Medenia activities, due to lack of knowledge on handling it. So, thank you for willing to take time and contributing to this site. :)

Breakdown Structure

This is a list of items that needs to be completed. Please follow strictly to the legend provided.

Strike through: Fully completed

Linked: Page exist, not fully completed

Navigation Menu

  1. Main Page
    • DA Updates/Patches
    • Special Event, Suomi Events, Quests
    • Kruna or re-emberssement
  2. Quests
    • Temuair
    • Medenia (dead)
    • KRU events
  3. Paths
    • Priest/Bard
      • Herbology
      • Matrimony
      • Religious Temple
    • Wizard/Summoner
      • Elementary
      • Wizardry Research
      • Necromancy
    • Monk/Druid
      • Dugons
      • Herbology
      • Tailoring
    • Rogue/Archer
      • Gem Smiting
      • Tailoring
      • Higgle
      • Sword/Ring/Soori Smithing
    • Warrior/Gladiator
      • Tailoring
  4. Other Knowledge
    • Potions
    • Botany
    • Pets
    • Ferry
    • Nobles
    • Deoch Calender, Timezones
    • Politics
    • Religion

Tables and Format

-done later-